Sheridan Station - Denver

The Sheridan urban neighborhood station on Sheridan Boulevard along the Lakewood Gulch alignment between 10th and 11th Avenues will develop over the coming decades into a vibrant urban center of diverse, transit-supportive and economically sustainable businesses and residential opportunities. Building on the potential for a strong connection to the Colfax Avenue corridor to the north, this station area will be a catalyst for improvements to public infrastructure including a station parking garage constructed by the Regional Transportation District (RTD) and sidewalk and road improvements to encourage multimodal transportation options. Sheridan Boulevard, a major arterial through the neighborhood will encourage easy access to east-west arterials to the north and south, and with station development will benefit from improvements to pedestrian infrastructure. Development in this station area is a coordinated effort between the cities of Lakewood and Denver.

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Station Information:

RTD Fact Sheet

The Sheridan Station Area is located north of 10th Avenue and west of Sheridan along the Lakewood Gulch trail alignment. The station includes an 800-vehicle RTD parking garage to facilitate vehicular uses, as well as a main canopy shelter, canopies over disabled access ramp platform, elevators, two ticket vending areas, and bike racks/lockers. This station is served by RTD bus routes #9 and #51.

Connecting the West Corridor Communities, CTOD Report