Knox Station

The Knox and Perry urban neighborhood stations located along a rail alignment that traverses Lakewood Gulch open space are part of an evolving and flexible development pattern envisioned for neighborhoods along West Colfax. Generally, development will occur here as infill on vacant parcels or redevelopment of underutilized parcels or dated and declining properties. One key area for redevelopment is the former Saint Anthony’s Hospital site one-half mile north of Perry Station. Since, blocks closer to the station will evolve in established residential areas, initial changes may add density and intensity in compact building forms that blend in with the prevailing residential context. Development may progress initially from residential additions and rehabilitations to the addition of carriage houses and conversion of single-family structures to duplexes, triplexes and quads. Over the long-term, some more significant and welcome redevelopment may occur, adding small and medium scale apartments or condominium buildings in close proximity to the station areas. Front yards, courtyards, porches, stoops, and balconies are key features, enhancing the “community” infrastructure for these existing walkable station areas.


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Both Knox and Perry stations are located to the north of Lakewood Gulch open space. Knox is located north of 12th Avenue along Knox Court while Perry is located south of 12th Avenue and west of Perry Street. Both stations are designed as “kiss-N-Ride” stations. Ramps and sidewalks connect the stations to the neighborhood, with buss connection access to RTD Route #1.

Connecting the West Corridor Communities, CTOD Report