Federal Center Station

The City of Lakewood’s overall vision is to transform the area along Union Boulevard and adjacent to the light rail station into a mixed-use urban corridor. The area will continue to be Lakewood’s mid- and high-rise development area and one of the City’s major urban centers.Development that occurs along the corridor is to be urban in form, with building entrances located directly on sidewalks to allow for easy walking access. The corridor will be pedestrian-friendly with wide sidewalks and street trees planted to create a pleasant atmosphere. Multi-story office and residential buildings,with ground floor retail will be located in the blocks nearest the Denver Federal Center and near St. Anthony’s Hospital. Additional mixed-use development,with primarily office and retail uses, is anticipated in the area between Union Boulevard and Van Gordon Street, and north of Alameda Parkway. The zoning to support this transit-oriented development pattern is in place.


Jurisdiction and Contact: 

City of Lakewood  planning@lakewood.org

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U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)

Station Information:

Federal Center Station RTD Fact Sheet:
The Federal Center Station and park-n-Ride is located north of 2nd Avenue and east of Union Boulevard. The station configuration will have two side platforms with a main canopy shelter, canopies over the disabled access ramp platform, two ticket vending areas, newspaper vending area, and bike racks/lockers. Ramps and sidewalks will connect the station to Union Boulevard via 2nd Place.  A 1,000 space surface parking lot is located south of the station and north of St. Anthony’s Hospital. Access to the station and park-n-Ride is from Union Blvd, via 2nd Place or via Routt Street (a new north/south road) accessible from 4th Avenue.
Connecting the West Corridor Communities, CTOD Report